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Apr 17

While studying, felt in the mood for it.

I like happy music these days.

Apr 7

Apr 2



Donny from the wild thornberries

Apr 2
I’m like

Please God reward me I will be good.

Mar 29

Imagine if he played in a mariachi band!

Or if he played Spanish style accordion! Aha! That’s it! I could make fan art of Cocoa the Clown in a band! And with his plant! And then they could put him on medication perhaps as well.
Mar 28
Oh yes:

I have realized that the reason I like Cocoa the Clown is because I have become emotionally attached to him because he looks cute and he does cute little things because he is… Well, he is a little touched I guess and I guess I imagine him as small, effeminate, well dressed, very “chic”, blue eyes (because they are not colored in), brown hair, olive skin, innocent, and gentle (I imagine he was having a psychotic episode when he placed trash in the deceased prostitute, maybe he thought it would be beneficial). Plus I was kind of depressed when I discovered him, so voila, bonded for life.

And, like I said, because I think people can imagine him as themselves, then I guess he would also be basically be of two or more ethnicities like I am. (Probably Mexican in this case like me) Well he is just a silly clown who is trying to get on and he makes some mistakes such as staring at the sun plus I think no one likes it except me and another man who I haven’t met.
Mar 28
Another thing:

So you get two and a half or just two table spoons of coffee, that would be ground for drip coffee, and you put it in the cone that should have a filter in it already. Then, you pour just a little bit of boiling water on the coffee and bubbles will come out of it. Then, after 30 seconds of that, you pour lots if boiling water all over the coffee. Then wait as it drips/trickles down. Then when all the water is almost gone, pour more until you have enough in your cup. But note, that when you pour the water in the coffee, you must pour it straight in the middle after the first/initial pour (in the first pour you should make sure all the coffee is wet so none of it is floating around being dry).
Okay then do this several times with the same coffee, until you have enough and feel like that should cover it for several days.
The End.

Mar 27
How to make lots of coffee from a little bit of coffee (“drip coffee”)

Do geometry. 

Mar 23
Well, I have to
Mar 21

Photek - Consciousness

Trying to understand why people enjoy this sort of a thing, getting into it slowly. More later.